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MapObjects is a set of mapping software components that let you embed maps into your applications. You can combine MapObjects with components from other vendors, such as graphing, multimedia, and database objects. The applications you build can be tailored for the specific requirements of your end-users. MapObjects comprises an ActiveX control (OCX), called the Map control, and a set of over forty-five ActiveX Automation objects. It is for use in industry standard Windows programming environments. Features: -Display a map with multiple map layers, such as roads, streams and boundaries. -Pan and zoom throughout a map. -Draw graphic features such as points, lines, ellipses, rectangles and polygons. -Draw descriptive text. -Identify features on a map by pointing at them. -Select features along lines and inside boxes, areas, polygons, and circles. -Select features within a specified distance of other features. -Select features with an SQL expression. -Calculate basic statistics on selected features. -Query and update attribute data associated with selected features. -Render features with thematic methods such as value maps, class breaks, dot density, charts, events or by Z values. -Label features with text from field values. -Create new shapefiles. -Draw images from aerial photography or satellite imagery. -Dynamically display real-time or time-series data. -Type in an address and find a location on a map. -Project your data into different coordinate systems.

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